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Already received a phishing email today - and recognized it?  / Partner News |  AssCompact

Already received a phishing email today – and recognized it? / Partner News | AssCompact

People are often referred to as a “risk factor” in terms of Internet security. We at COGITANDA see it differently – people are a real opportunity, and the company is sustainably resilient in the face of threats from within. And the to do it abroad. Because only the attentive and trained employees recognize the anomalies and transfer them to the right place and thus contribute to the continuous improvement of security in the company.

It is therefore necessary and important for every company to develop its own “human firewall” – the first line of defense against hacker attacks.

Thus, cybersecurity is not just an IT problem, it is a risk management issue

As part of the COGITANDA Group, COGITANDA Risk Prevention GmbH offers all companies a wide range of Internet prevention measures.

Through our unique e-learning platform, COGITANDA Academy, we can and would like to educate and prepare you and your clients on the subject of cybersecurity in a sustainable and consistent manner.

Take advantage of our effective training offer in our monthly online courses, which are clearly structured along the 12-month cybersecurity track, including the following topics:

  • phishing: How cybercriminals work – and how to identify their methods.
  • social engineering: Cybercriminals’ manipulation techniques – and how to detect them.
  • man in the middle: How to prevent cybercriminals from infiltrating your communication channels and modifying your data.

Your advantages:

  • Easy and hassle-free access to the platform

  • Educational modules containing many exclusive, realistic, feature-quality videos in German

  • Indispensable background knowledge of topical cybersecurity topics plus concrete and immediately applicable recommendations for action

  • With a flexible learning option (on demand), learning and what has been learned can be easily integrated into everyday work

  • Pay only 9 months and use 12 months until June 30, 2022

  • Monthly costs per annual license per employee up to a maximum of €3.50 (depending on the number of employees)

It is best to arrange an appointment for your own company or for your corporate clients today or request a non-binding quote directly at
E-mail [email protected] or [email protected] phone 01 206093-077

You can find out from us how you, as a risk manager for your clients, can benefit from expanding your portfolio in the direction of preventive measures.

COGITANDA – We are the Internet. 01 206093-080. [email protected]

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