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Donation: You can now study Marx’s writings on this VHS Hietzing

Donation: You can now study Marx’s writings on this VHS Hietzing

VHS Hietzing has created a study library of Marx. Donated by Ali Colbacher. If you like, you can now immerse yourself in the writings of the social theorist at the educational institution.

Vienna / Hietzing. The SPÖ party has a new president for the federal party. Much discussion in the media about the appointment of Andreas Babler as the new leader of the party revolved around Karl Marx’s socio-economic theory. A famous theory has emerged again: those who are highly critical of Marx’s social plan have studied his writings the least. An educational institution in Hietzinger is now dealing with this “crisis” and is offering to fill the gap.

The Karl Marx Study Library has been created on VHS Hietzing. The basis of this library are volumes of Karl Marx by Ali Kullbacher, and the illustrator, cartoonist and “critical soul of SPÖ” donated the volumes to the VHS at Hietzinger Kai 131. “At the moment it is important that the volumes are not in my library, but have been read it”. Marx is considered an important co-founder of communism and socialism.

Read Marx first, then judge

Each book is enhanced with cartoons by artist Colbacher. VHS Hietzing director Robert Streibel says: “VHS Hietzing is pleased to accept additional books by Marx as a donation.

According to the motto: read first, then judge. And if you want to know how capitalism works, just take a closer look at the activities of René Bencou.” VHS Hietzing is open Monday through Thursday, 9am-6pm and Friday, 9am-1pm.

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