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Amateur theater – “students for life” and a lot of fun in Eschenbach

Amateur theater – “students for life” and a lot of fun in Eschenbach

The Catholic Youth Theater Group Eichenbach opens this year's theater season with a comedy in three acts by Carsten Lögering: “My Bride and I, The Farmer and I” at the Eichenbach Parish Hall. A very entertaining and varied comedy, in which ingenuity, intrigue, disguise and mingling are constantly alternating. The amateur actors prepared well for this piece under the direction of Gerald Nossal, who found the right role for each actor. The young actors are very confident in their roles and thus contribute to giving an engaging and successful performance. The two main actors, Lukas Rauscher and Lukas Kuhbock, shine as long-term students and are a guarantee of constant streams of laughter and applause in all three acts from the large audience. Comedy, due to its popularity, has already generated strong word of mouth and sold out shows. Perfect performance by the band..

Contents: Students for life and fun! This is the slogan in the shared apartment of Paul and the farmer's son Stefan. They are both chronically broke, but never miss an opportunity to participate in party life. Their uncanny knack for making money fast is legendary. From begging letters to farmer parents, to guinea pigs studying pills, to alleged courtships. The only thing that matters to both of them is that the money is real! Everything is going according to plan until Stefan's parents suddenly appear at the door to meet their new daughter-in-law. But here too, the two immediately came up with a very strange solution. In their excitement, Father Hermann and Mother Anneliese request a wedding planner, and the mixing game begins. However, the “side effects” of studying the tablets gradually become noticeable and cause the strange situation to spiral completely out of control.

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Contributors: Lukas Rauscher, Lukas Kuhbock, Mario Kuhbock, Daniela Leinbauer, Kirsten Zellabinger, Jasmine Bauer, Mario Senhuber, Lydia Kuhbock, Jakob Hochtel

The following dates:Saturday, January 6, 2024 7 pm; Sunday, January 7, 2024 6 pm; Friday, January 12, 2024 6 pm Ticket booking: Lucas Rauscher 0650/89 30