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Top chefs swap stoves at Gastro-Roulette

Top chefs swap stoves at Gastro-Roulette

“JRE”: Three letters that represent the highest culinary pleasure. The international association “Junes Restaurateurs” is a culinary group of talented top chefs. Her goal is to share talent and passion with like-minded people.

Among the selected group is Peter Pichler. The host and chef at the Palatinate Gourmet Tickling Temple at the Molzbachhof in Kirchberg am Wechsel is known for his catchphrase “Cook the Gart’l”. This means a vegetable and herb garden at home. With their talent and the right spice, Peter and Nina Pichler have made it into the circle of nearly 30 JRE restaurants in Austria. YOU’RE IN THE BEST COMPANY IN THE AREA: Uwe Machreich of Triad in Krumbach cooks up his own soup among JRE restaurants.

Five-course meal

Every year in the fall there is a culinary highlight among chefs – “Chef Roulette”. 25 of the best restaurants are switching stoves for one night to offer an exclusive five-course menu at the guest location. Who cooks where it remains a well-kept secret until the first course.

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