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Amazon expands service in the US – Prime in outdoor online stores

Amazon expands service in the US – Prime in outdoor online stores

Amazon is expanding into the US with its new Buy with Prime service.

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“Buy with Prime” is a relatively new service from Amazon that has been around for a long time in this country. The group has already launched the program in April 2022 for an exclusive number of dealers in the US. These can participate on an invitation basis and process products through Amazon’s fulfillment service in their in-house online store and therefore use the Prime logo. Including Prime Minister’s promise.

Expansion and new features for traders

The self-proclaimed goal is that customers with Prime memberships can enjoy a service-oriented Amazon experience — meaning faster shipping and hassle-free returns — at external stores beyond the massive online marketplace. Now it looks like the group is done with the launch phase and wants to make the service more widespread.

As of now, “Buy with Prime” is available till January 31 Company report Will be extended to all authorized dealers in the US. Furthermore, we are also working on new functions: for example, companies can display customer reviews on the marketplace ( in their own online store.

Amazon points to an increase in sales

According to Amazon, data obtained in recent months show that retailers using “Buy with Prime” in their stores have in some cases generated a significant increase in buyers: the conversion of buyers has increased by an average of 25 percent. Some dealers have clearly exceeded these values ​​and received more than 30 percent addition with the new scheme.

“We’re excited about how Buy with Prime has helped retailers succeed so far, and we’re just getting started,” the team commented on the expansion. “We will continue to work closely with our merchants to expand Buy with Prime and add new tools and offers. We are constantly improving the experience.

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Published: January 11, 2023

/ is written by Tina Blavinsky