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Amazon Fire TV Stick Doesn’t Fit TV: Here’s How To Solve The Problem

Amazon Fire TV Stick Doesn’t Fit TV: Here’s How To Solve The Problem

How do I configure a FIRE TV stick?

Amazon Fire TV Stick Doesn’t Fit Your TV Or Does It Cover Other Connections? This problem can be solved quickly and easily with a few simple steps.

your new Fire TV Stick Doesn’t fit into your TV’s HDMI port? Often the problem occurs when Fire TV Stick 4K And Fire TV Stick 4K Max Because these are especially large compared to other models.

But the issue can also occur with the traditional Fire TV Stick or the Lite model and even if the stick is suitable, it sometimes blocks other ports due to its size. There is a quick and easy solution to this problem: use the HDMI extension.

Find one in every Fire TV Stick’s delivery range, alternatively you can They also have them via this Amazon link Rearrangement. Corresponding cables are available from Amazon for as little as €10.

If you get the HDMI extension, you can connect the Fire TV Stick to your TV as follows:

After connecting, you can use a file Fire TV stick installation Complete. In another guide we will tell you which ones Make sure to change your Fire TV settings after setup Must.

Also note that you Fire TV Stick is not connected to the USB port of the TV It should work.

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