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Amazon is closing several cashless stores in the US

Amazon is closing several cashless stores in the US

Amazon Go stores have several sensors and cameras, but you won’t find any cash registers in the stores. Amazon is now implementing previously announced austerity measures and closing several stores in the US. However, the company wants to continue to stick to its cashless policy.

Amazon is reducing its network of cashless stores

Amazon has announced that it will be closing several of its cashless Amazon Go stores. A total of eight stores in San Francisco, New York and Seattle are slated to close on April 1, 2023. However, there are several Amazon Go stores in each of these cities. Because the company says it wants to continue with the concept of cashless stores and will continue to operate the remaining 20 stores in the future. A spokesman for Bloomberg emphasized last Friday that Amazon will be guided by stores that are particularly popular with customers.

In cashless stores, sensor and camera technology is used to record which items customers drop off the shelf. Once customers leave the store, the purchase is settled. Smaller Amazon Go stores have suffered from lower customer traffic due to the coronavirus pandemic compared to other supermarkets, as many prefer to work from home instead of going to the office.

There is no Amazon Go Store in Germany yet. In Munich you will see the first cashless Rev supermarket by the end of 2022. What do you think about cashless shopping? Write me your opinion in comments.


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