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Zoom calls are now available on Amazon TVs (US)

Although Amazon’s relatively inexpensive TVs have not come across Europe across the pool, zoom is now being reported on devices in the US and Canada. If you have an extra webcam, you can now zoom in on the TV box.

Zoom calls in the Amazon Fire TV Omni series

It was only in November that Amazon introduced its own Fire TV TVs (US and Canada) and announced that these devices would also get zoom functionality. Now someone says Press releaseThis functionality is available at Christmas time in the United States and Canada.

Fire TV The Omni Series is available in 43 “to 75” sizes. However, not all models come with an integrated camera. Therefore, zoom calls require an additional USB webcam with 720p or 1080p resolution. Amazon Logitech cites the C920, C922x and C310 as examples. Although the camera has its own microphone, only the TV’s microphone and speakers are currently used. That may change later.

Already in July Amazon introduced the “Zoom” in the second generation Fire TV cube, but not the first generation cube.

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