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Amazon offers base salary in German shipping centers

In the fall of 2022, this is expected to rise to 12.50 euros, the company looking for employees announced on Friday in Munich. There will be wage increases for all employees on July 1, so that the total hourly wage is at least €13.52 after two years.

Amazon has been criticized by the Verdi union for years because management rejects collective agreements. This year, the company plans to fill 5,000 new jobs in all of its German regions. Amazon now employs over a million people worldwide; There are currently 23,000 in Germany, 16,000 of which are in logistics مجال

According to the company, starting salaries for new logistics employees so far range between 11.30 and 12.70 euros, with weekly working hours ranging from 38.5 to 40 hours. For comparison: according to the trade union DPVKOM, the Postal Collective Agreement, which has been in effect since the beginning of the year, provides for an hourly wage of 12.35 euros for temporary workers, and the monthly starting salary in the lowest paid group is only under 2067 euros.

Amazon has confirmed that its workforce receives a full set of fringe benefits. These include, among others, bonus payments based on work performance, employee quotas, life and occupational disability insurance and a four-digit training allowance for further training.

German President Ralf Kleiber said Amazon had decided to become the best employer in the world — and protested criticism from Verdi and others: Amazon is a fair employer. To say the opposite is simply wrong.

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On the other hand, Verdi criticized the top management’s position, saying: “Announcing a higher entry is probably the least that can be asked of a company that has had a golden nose in the past few months,” said Orhan Akman, the official. For the individual in the guild – and mail order. Amazon is still lagging behind Verdi’s customs demands. “We demand a minimum income of 12.50 euros for all employees.” Akman accused Amazon of wanting to continue to evade the collective bargaining agreement.