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Amazon wants to open supermarkets in the United States

The world’s largest online retailer Amazon You may be planning a large department store style store in the United States. The first branches are to open in California and Ohio. Writes The “Wall Street Journal” quotes insiders. Amazon did not want to comment on the report.

However, such progress would not be an absolute surprise. Amazon may have grown into a seller of everything on the internet, but it has also been shaking up traditional retail for years. 1994 Star Entrepreneurs Jeff Bezos The established group operates under brands such as Amazon Fresh and Co Chains for groceries and also owns small stores for books and other items. The Amazon American supermarket chain contains whole foods.

With big stores, Amazon can put its clothing, home and technology offers out of the internet. According to the “Wall Street Journal”, branches with an area of ​​approximately 2,790 square meters will be significantly larger than Amazon’s previous retail stores, but much smaller than the average department store in the United States. The report does not contain any specific information about the schedule.

The idea behind the planned attack, according to the “Journal”, has long been the talk of the town. This is what is called OMO Connects online and offline Stands. So it is possible Good integration of physical and virtual customer interactions That is – through a deep integration of applications and physics stores.

The word did not come from the United States, but from the Beijing district JongguansoonIt is sometimes called the Silicon Valley of China. Embossing Guy Fu Lee, a computer scientist, is considered a pioneer of digitalization outside of China.

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This concept is considered very promising. For example Jeffrey Dawson, an American private equity investor SaysThe OMO approach combined with the big digital platforms will eventually revolutionize entire industries.