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“Kaulitz & Kaulitz”: A minor hit in the U.S., number one in Germany

“Kaulitz & Kaulitz”: A minor hit in the U.S., number one in Germany

“Cowlitz & Cowlitz”
Less successful in America, number one in Germany

“Kaulitz & Kaulitz” premieres June 25 on Netflix.


“Kaulitz & Kaulitz” premieres June 25 on Netflix. The adopted home in America has not had much success so far.

“Cowlitz & Cowlitz” is on everyone's lips. Tokyo Hotel Twins Bill's docu-reality soap has been running since June 25. Tom Kaulitz (34) at Netflix has already made some headlines. The series topped the streaming charts in Germany and Austria. However, it has not been a big success in non-German speaking countries so far.

A million streams

As reported by “Quotenmeter”., eight episodes where you get an insight into the musicians' lives, wasn't exactly a hit for the US streaming service in their first week. Between June 24 and 30, Netflix achieved one million views with 5.9 million hours of streaming. The streaming service rounded up the viewing numbers because the series ran for six hours and twelve minutes.

In addition to number one in Germany and Austria, “Kaulitz & Kaulitz” charted at number two in Switzerland and number four in Luxembourg. Although Tokyo Hotel is celebrating its biggest successes outside of Germany, another international celebrity, Heidi Klum, 51, is also playing the role. It still reached number ten on the global non-English language television charts.

Other documentaries are ahead

A million streams is a modest success by comparison. For example, the fourth season of the Brazilian version of the reality show “Love is Blind” received two million views in its first week, ranking second in the international rankings. American documentaries “Worst Roommate Ever” (season two) and “America's Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders” drew 5.7 and 3.7 million views, respectively, last week.


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