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Ambassador for Handball in America

Ambassador for Handball in America

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Between Baunatal and Colorado: Oliver Ozellis. © Matthew Huang/nh

Baunataler Oliver Ozellis talks about his experiences as an exchange student

Anyone interested in sports in this country knows the acronyms NBA, NFL, NHL. Of course, they represent basketball, soccer and ice hockey in North America. On the other hand hardly anyone knows the acronym USHU. It refers to volleyball. The game is also practiced in the United States and Canada. Currently one of the active people there is from Pounadal. Oliver Ozellis last played at home for HSG Baunatal and is now living in Boulder, Colorado, USA for a year.

Ozellis, the son of ex-Huskies and ex-national player Falk Ozellis, who lives in Baunatal, has been completing a student exchange year since August, after returning to finish his teaching studies in Göttingen. Until then, he will remain on the Denver Wolves roster. How did this come about? “Before I knew nothing about handball in the USA, nothing about the USHU or the Wolves. However, I quickly found out everything via Instagram. A short transfer and two training sessions were enough and I was part of the team,” reports Ocellis. The Wolves are ranked in the top eight in the country, but are not experts in the American sport of handball. “We practice twice a week on the basketball court and our marks are sticking better,” says the 25-year-old.

According to Ocellis, large differences in the level of actors do not allow for demanding training. “Competitions are great crews and even players are flying.” This means that the team will have a former national player from Brazil and Mexico. “The German players I've met so far are from the third division up to the district league playing on home soil,” Ozellis says. Few Americans are involved, but many Europeans and South Americans are, he finds surprising.

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What is different about handball here and abroad? “Things are very unusual in America. For example, many teams constantly defend with man coverage. Your players come from other sports and are athletically trained, but have little tactical handball experience.

There is no professional league in America. Clubs organize tournaments that bring teams from all over the country. In May, when the local handball year ends, the national championship takes place with the best teams – “Nationals”.

This year's venue is Las Vegas. For Ocellis it was another highlight of his stay. “For me as an exchange student, the travel opportunities are really good. “I've already been to Minnesota, Colorado Springs and San Francisco and Salt Lake and New York,” the Kassel native adds: “Before we go to Germany for HSG Ponautal, it's a place on stage in Los . Vegas is a big destination. “Absolutely. Tournaments are always used for fun and sightseeing.”

Aside from the Nationals, there are more highlights in this sport, who unlike his father, Falk Ozellis, has never tried ice hockey, but is very interested in it. “I'd watch the New York Rangers and the Edmonton Oilers play here in the Colorado Avalanche live with Leon Trisaitl,” he says. He will not start playing ice hockey after his return, but instead will play handball. (Wolfgang Bascher)