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USA: Disney Group and Florida reach settlement in dispute over Disney World

USA: Disney Group and Florida reach settlement in dispute over Disney World

The Disney Company and allies of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis have settled a legal battle over control of the government district where the Disney World theme park is located. The site's board of directors approved a settlement, ending a nearly two-year dispute. Walt Disney World Resort President Jeff Wahle said the deal serves the interests of all parties involved and helps create critical investments and thousands of jobs.

Disney criticized legislation proposed by DeSantis that would have banned school subjects on sexual orientation and gender identity for young school children. Opponents call it “Don't say gay“-law – “Don't say gay.” DeSantis took control of the formerly Disney-governed district where the theme park is located. The governor appointed a new oversight board to oversee municipal services on the sprawling site, including firefighting, pest control, and planning services.

Disney saw freedom of speech violated

But before the new administration began its work, the company quickly implemented plans and contracts that stripped the new organization of much of its power. Disney sued DeSantis and the Board of Supervisors because it believed his right to free speech had been violated. The group demanded that the deal struck by Disney be declared void.

In the settlement, Disney now acknowledges that its controversial contracts and plans are void. Instead, a comprehensive 2020 plan will be used, which the Supervisory Board can change. It is expected to negotiate a development plan with Disney in the near future.

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