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AMD Ransomware Attack: 56 GB Data Leak

LogoSmall and large businesses as well as public authorities and institutions are frequently attacked by ransomware. It is usually quickly said that this is a hacker attack. However, a tampered URL or an Office document containing macros is often enough for an attacker to gain access to the network. Poorly configured network or incorrect access rights and security strategies are the main reason why such attacks eventually succeed.

Now it looks like it’s also coming to AMD. A RansomHouse group is said to have gained access to the network and stole data – it has been reported RestorePrivacy. The exact extent of the leaked information is unknown. However, Privacy Restoration claims it had access to the data (or at least part of it) and is now supposed to be coordinated between RansomHouse and AMD.

The group is said to have managed to arrive as early as January 2. The data is said to include network information, system information, and passwords. With 56 gigabytes of data, some other information must have flowed away. Last year, Gigabyte likewise lost 112GB of data, which included information about future Zen 4 products, among other things.

Opposite toms AMD has so far only confirmed that relevant reports have been heard. No one wanted to comment on whether the data had actually leaked.

“AMD is aware of a bad actor who claims to have stolen data from AMD. An underground investigation is underway.”