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“America, of course, exaggerated it.”

“America, of course, exaggerated it.”

Max Verstappen was celebrated by the international press after his victory at the Miami Grand Prix. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes in the US.

International Press Comments on the Miami GP:

United States

USAT today: “South Florida got the first impression of Formula 1. Of course many came to Miami with interest, and of course many went to the fans. This is a fitting link. With a ten-year contract, Miami still has a lot of time to finish the event.

The Wall Street Journal: “Formula 1 found Miami in search of American glamor. Thanks to the popular Netflix series, First Class came to Florida and met many celebrities with its screwdriver image on the dock.”

Netherlands “Max Verstappen is more American than the Americans. With a football helmet on his head, he’s not a Formula 1 world champion, but he’s celebrated on stage like a quarterback from Limburg. Of course America did it so badly.

D Telegraph: “Master of Concentration. Max Verstappen is cool even in American madness.”


Gazette Dello Sport: “Ferrari is half happy. Verstappen wins, Leclerc fights like a lion. He must settle for a bitter second place.”

Courier Tello Sport: “Verstappen suppresses red Ferrari cars. Leclerc does not have the head and heart to win. He did his best, but he measures himself against an extraordinary pilot.”

La Stompa: “America Blesses the Red Bull: The First Grand Prix in Miami is about Verstappen.

Courier della sera: “Flying Max Conquers America: Leclerc must bow to Verstappen’s clear superiority, Ferrari bids farewell to Miami with disappointment – now must fight hard for dream.”

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La Republic: “Verstappen has ruined Ferrari’s ambitions. Leclerc’s incredibly tough approach is not enough to sustain Verstappen. The two champions of the highest profile are reviving an unforgettable season.”


Defenders: “Max Verstappen’s success shows once again what he’s doing when he has the car in line with his ideas. Boiling afternoon is an icy performance.”

Daily Mail: “Somewhere in that glittering show there was a semi-decent race with a deserving winner, Max Verstappen. Lewis Hamilton started and finished sixth – it was still proven, even though Mercedes was on the long-running Superman wheel. Equal.”


L’Equipe: “Verstappen confirms he’s returning to his old strength. With his exceptional class, he dominates the race. Only Leklerk can continue at times.”


குறி: “He wins every race Verstappen finishes. The Dutchman pulls out all the stops of his skill.”

Ace: “Verstappen devoured both Ferraris on the racetrack. No matter what World Cup conditions say: Mad Max took charge in Miami.

Sports: “Verstappen wins hand wrestling match against Leklerk. American dream – for some it’s comedy, for others thriller. Formula 1’s interest in how developed it is in the United States.”

El Mundo Deportivo: “Verstappen sends a clear message to Ferrari. The fight for the title is becoming more and more exciting, with Scuderia looking to find the right answer in Barcelona.”