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American Giant Bennett wins the Val Gardena series, ahead of Stridinger

American Giant Bennett wins the Val Gardena series, ahead of Stridinger

Val Gardena lover Max Franz should have been satisfied with 10th place (+0.79). Daniel Hemetsberger (21./+1.52) attempted to limit damage in the first few meters after sliding the indoor skate. Bennett had a huge hit after his 4th place finish at Val Gardena (2018, 2020). “It reminds me of what I love about skateboarding. The jumps and the waves, I just enjoy it.”

Striedinger had already appeared as second in the final training. “I found my material for the second training session, and I’ll also find the 14th, but overall I’m glad I made it to the finish line so quickly.” He was no better than 24th in the downhill race in Val Gardena. “I am slowly making friends with Saslong. I have always made life difficult for myself here.”

In Super – G, Striedinger fell victim to team selection. He said he had already received a “big grant”. “I started with anger today.” Everything is now set for the peace of Christmas. “I’ve never given myself such a beautiful Christmas present.”

The Carinthian didn’t want to see starting number 1, which is unpopular in Val Gardena because of the sun’s rays, as a flaw. “I’m good with number 1, it’s over right away.” The 30-year-old has reached the World Cup podium for the fifth time, but has not yet managed to win. Max Franz remains the last winner of Val Gardena from Austria (2016).

In the 200th World Cup race, Meyer missed an eighth consecutive podium at the World Cup Finals, thus a special entry in the history books. This feat is still reserved for Franz Klammer (10) and Stefan Eberharter (8). Meyer also missed significantly expanding his lead in the slope rating. He is now 30 points ahead of Fuse and 66 points ahead of Kildy.

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“On the second jump, when I landed exactly in front of the flat section, I got off my ski. It cost me a lot of time.” Gradually time is running out. “When something like that happens, you realize you weren’t on the road with the fastest setup.”

For Mayer (2014) and Kriechmayr (2015), it remains seventh in this ratio as the best result. “It seems like Saslong doesn’t really like me,” said the usual self-critical world champion. Not so good all over, Kriechmayr never saw the starting number race. “Bennett’s car was going phenomenal, if it had my number it would probably have been more advanced. The number was great, you just have to skate halfway.”

On the way to Val Gardena Downhill’s third win in a row, Kilde once again reached the sack of technically accurate blade tricks and the battle line, but she was too straight at the entrance to Ciaslat’s meadow and missed a clear target. Fastest timer. He led the ranks of the defeated great candidates. “Maybe we partyed too much yesterday?” The winner joked the day before. “It happens so quickly in this sport. Bryce was great, beautiful for him.”

Kilde now skips two giant slalom races (Sunday, Monday) in Alta Badia. There, commander-in-chief Marco Odermatt has the next opportunity to score big points, and the Swiss spectator was also one of Saturday’s winners.