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Austrian ice skaters fail in Cortina

Austrian ice skaters fail in Cortina

Carezza winner Daniela Ulping, Daniela Schaufmann and Benjamin Karl finished fifth, sixth and eighth after losing the quarter-finals. Alexander Baer finished eleventh, and David O’Neill fourteenth.

Dujmovits hurdles too big

While the Dujmovits stalled in the playoffs as 21, Ulbing was eliminated after beating Julie Zogg (SUI) against Nadja Ochner (ITA). Shoffman defeated Paulina Smolenzova first, but with Sofia Nadirshina the obstacle for Russia was too great a second. Karl got the upper hand against Jaroslav Stepanko (BUL), but Dario Caviezel was way too strong at the time. The Swiss managed to advance, defeating one candidate after another.

Ledeca celebrates Cortina’s 5th win

In the final was Lee Sang-ho (KOR), but he made his masterpiece in the semi-final against Roland Fischnaller. The Italian last lost to Bayer in the 2017 final in Cortina, after which he celebrated four final wins in a row. Ester Ledecka lives up to her role as a favorite of women. The Czech led by 4.04 seconds (!) in qualifying and celebrated her fifth Cortina win and 20 World Cup titles in the final duel with Nadyrcina.

Andreas Brummiger, winner of the Salzburg Panogee, did not finish 16th in 21st. Fabian Opmann and Anton Goeritz finished 23rd and 47th respectively, and the season will continue into the new year.

(Those: APA)

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