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American politician Pelosi supports Taiwan trip

American politician Pelosi supports Taiwan trip

DSpeaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has defended his controversial visit to Taiwan. “We will not allow China to isolate Taiwan,” the Democratic politician said in Washington on Wednesday. For example, the People’s Republic of Taiwan is barred from becoming a member of the World Health Organization. “But they’re not stopping us from going to Taiwan,” Pelosi said. There was criticism of his visit earlier in the month, especially not only from China but also from other countries.

Referring to the U.S. military’s assessment of the visit, Pelosi said, “I don’t remember them ever telling us not to travel.” Even a Democratic president. Joe Biden Pelosi had responded to questions about the plans before the trip, saying, “I don’t think the military is a good idea right now.”

In response to a US diplomat’s visit to Taiwan, China has been conducting large-scale military exercises around the Democratic island republic for the past week, practicing victory. The Chinese leadership denies official contacts with other countries Taiwan Because she sees the island as part of the People’s Republic. Taiwan, on the other hand, has long considered itself independent. Pelosi — who is the third-in-command in the United States — has been the highest-ranking American politician in Taiwan for a quarter of a century.

Meanwhile, Beijing released its first white paper on the Taiwan issue in 22 years. reflected in this China Possibility of special status for island state after integration. But the choice of words is different from 2000.

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