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American singer Macy Gray invites a different flag to America

American musician Macy Gray is not satisfied with the current American flag. The singer of “I’m Trying” calls for a change in the stars and lines, He writes a comment for the Marketwatch website.

Was “abused” during the attack on the Capitol

“The American flag (…) was abused,” the 53-year-old said. As the January 6 attack on the Capitol showed, the flag is now an alternative to the Confederate flag.

The American flag hangs in front of the Capitol in Washington. © Quell: Image Images / MediaPunch

The Confederate flag is a symbol of slavery and white supremacy in the United States. Many Trump supporters who attacked Capitol in January carried the US flag near her.

52 stars instead of 50 on the flag

On the current flag, Gray writes: “Like the federal flag, it is distorted, outdated, divisive and misplaced. It no longer represents democracy and freedom. “The Grammy winner must show 52 stars on the flag, instead of the 50 stars that represent all the American states – and Puerto Rico and Washington D.C.

“DC and Puerto Rico have supported the state position for decades,” it continues. “Both were rejected because the elected representatives would be allowed to sit in the House of Representatives.” In addition, according to Gray, the stars should have the colors of all skin tones and the lines should be gray and white.

It’s time for a change, he writes.

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