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USA: Millions of Johnson & Johnson cans must be destroyed

Both distributions are allowed to use. Two people who knew the situation said Reuters On the contrary, the agency released about ten million cans from the complex factory. The FDA announced Friday that they can now be used or exported to the United States. The “multiple charges” are no longer used because of the pollution, and among other things, the allegations are still being investigated.

The factory in the east coast metropolis of Baltimore had previously moved from Astra Geneca to rival Johnson & Johnson. According to media reports, millions of vaccines had to be disposed of due to a production error at the site, and the U.S. government took an extraordinary step to hold Johnson & Johnson accountable. The stimulus was said to be a mixture of two vaccine products.

While reviewing the manufacturing facility operated by the American biopharmaceutical company Emergency Biosolutions, the FDA found a number of shortcomings. Production is currently suspended. The FDA said Friday that the factory has not yet been released.

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