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America’s Best Marathons – The Magazine

America’s Best Marathons – The Magazine

Marathon is based on the Battle of Marathon in Greece, where the Athenians defeated the Persians. Legend has it that the Greek Pheidippides ran from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to announce the victory. Today, the flow phenomenon that gives this myth its name has spread beyond Greece and even beyond Europe.

Some of the most famous and popular marathons are held in the United States. Want to run 42 kilometers in a unique location in America? Or are you looking for the added challenge of a six-star medal? Then launch your products at a good time, e.g. B. Applying for a visa or ESTA.

New York

of New York Marathon It is the largest and perhaps most famous marathon in the world. About 40 to 50 thousand runners participate every year. The route begins on Staten Island, at the foot of the impressive Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, then crosses four more bridges through the boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx, ending in Central Park. This year’s New York Marathon takes place on November 6.

Ready for a marathon in The Big Apple? Don’t just think about training and nutrition plans, think about proper travel documents like a valid passport and ESTA or visa.


Another upcoming marathon in the US is the Chicago Marathon. Like the New York Marathon, the Chicago Marathon is one of the six major marathons. Runners who complete all six marathons will receive a Six Star medal. The Chicago Marathon may not be as well known as the New Yorker, but it’s more likely to qualify. The start and finish are in Grand Park, a large urban park in Chicago. The Chicago Marathon takes place on October 9, 2022.

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You’ve registered for the Chicago Marathon, but don’t have a valid ESTA for the US yet? Then create one Urgent application for ESTA. These are usually cleared after a few hours.


Need a little more time to train for a marathon? You should consider the Boston Marathon, the third largest American marathon. The Boston Marathon won’t take place until September 2023. Despite its hilly course, the Boston Marathon is known as one of the fastest marathons in the world. Therefore, there are strict requirements for participation. To participate, you must qualify within a time limit. Time depends on age category.

Boston is one of the six major marathons. Will you run both New York, Chicago, Boston, Tokyo, London and Berlin marathons to compete for a special medal? In this case you only need to apply for travel authorization to the US. What is ESTA? Valid for two years, for unlimited travel in the US. This allows you to easily participate in multiple marathons in the US with a single ESTA.