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A road trip through America

A road trip through America

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America, the land of contrasts: Apart from the big cities, both pass through spectacular nature. Here's a stop at the Grand Canyon

From New York to Woodstock: First Impressions and Musical Enthusiasm

“It was amazing!” You can hear Petra Zeiger's excitement over the phone: For three weeks she spent three weeks traveling by car across America with her husband Peter and two friends, “We're back from east to west again,” she laughs. Petra.

It started in New York: “So far, it's been true for me – as in the song by Udo Jurgens: 'I've never been to New York' – I wanted to change it from a boat trip to “Ground Zero” – “Very emotional!” – and “Hard Rock Cafe” – “Every We also need in the city” – to take a carriage ride along the Hudson, past the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, they won. “The Big Apple”. “Peter and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary: ​​among other things, with the rock opera 'The Who's Tommy'. A great Broadway show with great music, played live!”

Four days later, the friends set off in their rental car. First stop: the lumberyard! “We visited the festival site in the small town of Bethel, where fans celebrated artists like Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker and Jimi Hendrix for three days for the first time in 1969,” says Peter. “At the museum, a contemporary witness regaled us with memories of a famous hippie festival. That would have been our thing!”

The journey continued towards the northwest. “We wanted to see Niagara Falls on Route 66 on our way to Chicago. We went to Canada to do this; The view of the waterfalls from there is very special.” Next highlight in Cleveland/Ohio: “We went to the famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We were amazed: this huge complex celebrates so many different artists and their music – from Elvis to AC/DC and from Michael Jackson to Tina Turner and the Rolling Stones! We could have stayed there for days! “

People are very friendly. Rock and country music is everywhere!

Petra Zeiger

Petra Zieger and Peter Taudte
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After three weeks and a total of 7,500 km, their destination was reached: Route 66 ends in the Los Angeles district of Santa Monica.

An unforgettable drive on Route 66

In Chicago, four friends finally get on “Route 66.” “From that we went through three time zones across the country: the scenery was fascinating and incredibly diverse. Then again you drive for hours on the track, sometimes next to the tracks, endless freight trains roll by! Once I wanted to count the wagons: after 100 I gave up – it was a third at most Stock!”
The art installation “Cadillac Ranch” (see photo on page 9), the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, the town of Gallup where many famous westerns were filmed, and the gold mining town of Oatman – “The local mule came at us!” “The people who live there are all very friendly and relaxed. Rock and country music is everywhere! In a saloon, Peter sat on the drums and I danced to ZZ Top with an old lady. Andrea was 60 – but really 92! A crazy day!”

Petra Zieger and Peter Taudte
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The Hollywood Walk of Fame: Petra at Michael Jackson's star, one of her favorite stars.

Las Vegas and Los Angeles: Twinkling lights and celebrity encounters

Of course, a detour to Las Vegas was part of it: “We'll never forget the moment we drove up the hill in the evening and saw the sea of ​​city lights twinkling before us!”

End of trip: Los Angeles. “We could have sat on Venice Beach forever and watched all the crazies!” They both had great experiences in LA: “We met Tom Loeffler who took us to a boxing match! Crazy was exciting!” Star chef Wolfgang Puck spoiled her at his famous restaurant “Cut” at the famous Beverly Wilshire Hotel: “Photos are strictly forbidden,” laughs Petra. “Even boxing legend Evander Holyfield came to our table!” We had breakfast with actor Eric Bredon (“Shadows of Passion”): “A great guy: successful and very likable!”

His conclusion: “America is a fascinating country full of contradictions and exaggerations! As with our current single: it's 'perfect!'

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