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An American woman has to go to prison to take close-up pictures of bears

An American woman has to go to prison to take close-up pictures of bears

Mother bears are especially nervous when they are raising their young. Our image shows a wildlife camera image from July 2021 on the border between the states of Washington and Idaho in the United States.
Build: AP

A tourist in Yellowstone National Park did not turn away from his mother bear and took pictures of him. The judge found harsh words for her behavior – and sent her to prison for four days.

WWhen she gets close to a grizzly bear and her cubs for a photo, a young American citizen is forced into a four-day prison sentence. “Approaching a grizzly with cubs is just plain stupid,” Attorney General Bob Murray said when sentencing in Wyoming. It is fortunate that the 25-year-old sat as a defendant in court and did not end up as a disfigured tourist.

Less than 90 meters from the mother

In May, the tourist was with a group in the US Yellowstone National Park, known for its stunning scenery and unique wildlife. Instead of standing back and getting into her car like the other visitors when the mother bear arrived, the young woman stopped to take pictures.

I approached the bears within 90 meters – which is against the rules of the park. In addition to remaining in custody, she also has to pay a fine of $1,000 (€860).

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