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Excited waiting for the result of the Czech parliamentary elections «

Excited waiting for the result of the Czech parliamentary elections «

The final days leading up to the election were overshadowed by the revelations of the so-called “Pandora Papers” on business dealings by Prime Minister Babis. It must be in the future.

3:03 pm, October 9, 2021


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Prime Minister Andrej Babis, © (c) AP (Peter David Guzek)

in a Czech Republic Today, Saturday, the two-day parliamentary elections were concluded. Polling stations closed at 2 pm after being open from 2 pm until 10 pm on Friday. Counting of votes began immediately after the deadline for the elections. No exit surveys provided, Forecasts are expected in the late afternoon, and meaningful results in the evening.

On the first day of the elections, most polling stations reported a turnout of 20 to 40 percent, it was reported CTK News Agency. Favorite choice is Liberpopulistische Partei ANO from the prime minister Andre Babis, Although the Prime Minister has come under pressure in the past few days over the revelations of the so-called “Pandora’s Papers”.

Most of the top politicians voted on Friday. Prime Minister Babis spoke in North Bohemia when he was dropping the ballot Lopuses (Loposits) From “the most important parliamentary elections in the history of the Czech Republic”. Babis said his government was successful and now it’s a question of whether it will survive or whether “the coalition of five that wants to get me out of politics will win.”

Via the “Coalition of Five” Babis, the two opposing electoral alliances that were behind his ANO party in the last ballot: the Electoral Coalition Splu (General) made up of conservative parties. ODS, TOP09, KDU-CSL, Liberal Alliance pirates The Mayor’s Party (Stan).

President Milos Zeman He gave up his voice at his residence on Friday afternoon Lani Castle near Prague Away. An electoral commission came to Zeman’s residence for this. his spokesperson Jerry Ovkasic Several photos of the head of state’s vote were posted on the SMS service Twitter in the afternoon.

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Zeman’s health is currently causing speculation in the media again. She added that his doctor wanted to take him to the hospital this week, but Zeeman refused. The president’s office again denied Zeman had any serious health problems. At the same time, a television appearance that the president was scheduled to make on Sunday has been canceled due to health reasons. According to official sources, Zeman suffers from diabetes and a disease of the peripheral nervous system. He has always used a wheelchair for public appearances. Since the head of state chooses the designated head of government after the elections and entrusts him with the formation of the new government, Zeman plays a crucial role after the elections.

The last days before the elections overshadowed by the so-called verses “Pandora’s Leaves” About the actions of Prime Minister Babis. According to the publications of the International Investigative Journalists Network, Babis will do just that She bought several properties in the south of France for 15 million euros. The deal is said to have been done through foreign mailbox companies, which, according to critics, raises the question whether money laundering and tax evasion were not committed.

Babis aspires to another term and says he wants to leave politics afterwards. However, if he wins, he is likely to have problems searching for alliance partners. The person who participated in the referee so far Social Democrats (CSSD) Interior Minister Jan Hamacek’s entry into Parliament is uncertain as they have been below the 5 per cent threshold in several opinion polls.

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They should also worry about moving to the House of Representatives Communists (KSCM), who support the former minority government of ANO and CSSD. As well as the new party Brisaha (Shur) Former Elite Police Officer ROBERT SLATA Who would be a potential coalition partner for the ANO could stay out of the House of Commons, according to polls. On the other hand, the right-wing populist Freedom and Direct Democracy Party led by Tomio Okamura can count on entering Parliament.