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An asteroid flying above Earth worth more than 4 billion euros

An asteroid flying above Earth worth more than 4 billion euros


Space miners may have money marks that glow in their eyes when they are in place December 11 asteroid 4660 Nereus Watch the earth fly. due to the occurrence of Nickel, iron and cobalt The piece must have an estimated value of 4.71 billion dollars (4.17 billion euros) shows how Live Science Reports.

under close watch

as tall as 330 meters The height of the asteroid is as high as the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Its orbit regularly approaches the Earth. The shortest distance will be on December 11th 3.86 million km reach. So the asteroid would be about 10 times farther from the Moon. In the years 2050 and 2060 it should be Closer to the groundThat is why the asteroid is closely monitored by astronomers.

neglected target

Due to its nature and close orbit, 4660 Nereus has already been thought of many times Aim for spacecraft missions Selection. Among other things, it would have been in the context near– The mission that a probe must visit. However, the goal was discarded in favor of two other asteroids. Similarly, 4,660 Nereus was the original target of the Japanese hayabusa-Expedition. However, due to the delay, it was diverted to asteroid 25143 Itokawa.

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