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An effective Dornbirners team brings down Horn at home

An effective Dornbirners team brings down Horn at home

In the 21st round of the 2nd ADMIRAL League, Dornbirn won 4-0 over SV Horn.

Dornbirn started the game perfectly and made it 1-0 after just 8 minutes. After recovering the ball from the goal line, Marti's cross reaches the middle, where Gabriel takes it straight away and scores his next goal.

The Horners failed to find an equalizer in the subsequent pressing phase. After Hosgill's preparation work, Al-Hajri only shot into the side netting (17th place). After a corner kick, Wemhofer had the next chance to equalize, but the ball slid over the instep of his foot (19th minute).

Dornbirn's goalkeeper, Odehnal, can excel at finishing from greater distance.

The Vorarlbergers were clearly keen to level the score at half-time. In the 42nd minute, Dornbirn's Pische tested Horner's goalkeeper with a long-range shot, and in the next corner his header went wide.

Horn's supposed target

Dornbirn are efficient and score early, similar to the first half. After a corner kick, a number of Dornbirn players rose, and finally Lipczynski headed the ball into his own net (51). Horn happily continues to play forward. Fischerauer passes the ball to Hosgiel in the penalty area. Odinal was able to save the Dornbirn team from scoring with their feet. (63.).

Shortly thereafter, the supposed 1:2 ratio falls, but the flag immediately rises. He then sends Gabriel Renan deep, who is able to move away from the opponent's defender and make the score 3-0 (75). Gubara can only stop Marte from rushing into the box from the left flank for a foul. Umenovich scored the penalty kick (82nd).

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Horn (30 points) loses valuable points in the field of closely followed GAK, which DSV Leoben leads with 37 points. Dornbirn overtook Sturm Graz by 2 and now ranks 14th (16 points).