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Round Preview – Six-point game for latecomers

Round Preview – Six-point game for latecomers

Bissamberg – Admira Panthers, Friday, 7:30 p.m. At the end of the first half of the season, Bissemberg wants to defend its title of best team at home against the Admira Panthers: “That will be a worthwhile finish,” says coach Rene Heplinger. The fall championship title is already assured for the Panthers. “It’s important to keep the tension high and stay on track. We want to get the last three points and then go into the winter break with a cushion,” says Panthers coach Gerhard Fellner, setting the tone.

Bron – Stockero, Friday, 7.30pm “If we want to stay at the top, winning is a must,” explains coach Stockerau before the match away in Brünn. However, Bronn coach Robert Scheiner warned of the visitors: “Incredibly tough opponent. I saw them against Admira Panthers. Stockero is a top team.”

Klosterneuburg-Cerndorf, Friday, 7:30 p.m. For Klosterneuburg, the final match is about a positive conclusion to a confident first half of the season. They will clearly be favorites in the return leg against Sirrendorf, but coach Handel has warned against underestimating their latest opponent. If Wolkersdorf wins and loses, second place will be possible. “But we are strangers there,” Sirrendorf wants to gain momentum from the Katzelsdorf match and also score points in Klosterneuburg.

Ebrechtsdorf – Obergenserndorf, Friday, 8 p.m. As for Obergenserndorfer, coach Michael Wagner is rolling up his sleeves after seven consecutive defeats: “We have to keep working, because luck is not on our side at the moment.” But there is no tougher task than Eberichsdorf away from home. For the home side, the curve is pointing in the other direction – Monday’s win over Langenlebarn was their fourth complete success, and Rupert Serdar’s side are slowly but surely making their way back into the top places.

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Mistelbach – Bad Voslau, Friday, 8pm. With the win, Mistelbach can join the top teams. Bad Vöslau, on the other hand, needs to be a complete success. Because the former league leaders are now struggling to avoid slipping closer to the relegation zone. Last week there was nothing to gain against the Admira Panthers.

Wilkersdorf – Langenlebarn, Friday, 8pm. For Langenlebarn, it’s about a conciliatory end to a mixed first half of the season. The train change didn’t put “Lale” on the right track either. With Volkersdorf we have a strong opponent in front of us in the end. “Now there is only one goal left: three points against Langenlebarn,” says Volkersdorf coach Markus Siebenhandel, looking forward to finally getting the win. With one point, Volkersdorf will not be able to clinch the runner-up title in the fall championship.

Katzelsdorf-Vossendorf, Saturday, 2 p.m. New Katzelsdorf coach Christoph Knaller received a lot of praise from Vossendorf players’ coach Sascha Steinacher: “He got them back on track better. But Katzelsdorf is basically an opponent that suits us.” Kanaler suffered his first defeat in Katzelsdorf after two successive wins over Sirrendorf, in addition to the yellow and red of the young Max Veljkovic.

Horn Amateurs – Mannersdorf, Saturday, 5 p.m The six-point match will be played in Horn. For both teams, it’s about saving valuable points in the winter. At Mannersdorf, Petr Slusarek was axed after the defeat to Brünn, and new coach Skinny Maucha will only take charge from the second half of the season. Sports director Christian Junke is in charge of the Amateur Team of the Century.

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