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An Evening of Music: Michael Clem brings the ring to life

An Evening of Music: Michael Clem brings the ring to life

Bayerbach. Michael Clem & Band brought Austropop to the worship tent, which was sold out in advance.

Wolfgang Ambros, Kurt Ostbahn or George Danzer They are three well-known representatives of the Austropop scene. Michael Brackett He brought the best of Austropop to the Payerbach tent with his band.

Johannes Brett Presented together with the mayor Jochen Boss A wonderful event environment in the form of a circus tent. “The arena-like show puts the performers very close to the audience. Both visitors and performers appreciate the energy in the tent,” Brett says.

Mayor Jochen Bos with organizer Johannes Breit.

Enthusiasm for this format was evident, among other things, in the sales figures, as Jochen Bos stated: “Of the eight events held in the worship tent, half were already sold out in the second year.”
Before the ceremony, visitors warmed up in the warm tent and enjoyed food and drink as well as good conversations. Petra Capenger And Karl Geyer They were happy with hot drinks and mulled wine. Romy Kleinhofer, Karen Leopold, Elizabeth Srance And Michael Adelbühler I reached for the popcorn and white squirt.
The following were also monitored: Gernot Mayrhofer, Michaela Caspar, Peter Mays, Dieter Kerry, Mario shoes Beside Andrea Offner And Martina Maltet.

Q-loungefit Bayerbach: Romy Kleinhofer, Karin Leopold, Elisabeth Stranz and Michael Adboler.
Michael Klemm was pleased with the many visitors.