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Cora Schumacher has withdrawn from the RTL jungle camp

Cora Schumacher has withdrawn from the RTL jungle camp

TV star Cora Schumacher (47 years old) is the front-runner for the new season of “I'm a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” Excluded. Broadcaster Sonia Zietlow said on Sunday evening at the end of the show that Schumacher had left the show. Nothing further was revealed after that. A statement on the radio said that the ex-wife of racing driver Ralf Schumacher left at her request. Thus RTL has offered one of the leading candidates.

Due to a sports broadcast, the Jungle Camp broadcast on Sunday lasted only 40 minutes. After the live broadcast, which lasted until 8:55 p.m., the streaming platform RTL+ collapsed. After that, the NFL football match will be broadcast on RTL TV. At the same time, the post-jungle camp talk “I'm a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” On the live streaming platform. Being.

A spokeswoman for the private broadcast group told the German news agency that despite all the preparations, many systems were overloaded due to “extremely high concurrent usage.” We are working to solve the problem. Jungle Camp and NFL football fans are asked to be patient.

On Sunday's broadcast of “I'm a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” No Angels singer Lucie Diakowska (47) has previously given an insight into her love life. When asked if she had a permanent partner, the musician said: “No, unfortunately not.” She met someone six months ago – but it was complicated. “It's just a case,” Diakowska continued. More than a friendship, but less than a relationship. “Situation” means a romantic or sexual relationship in which the parties involved do not clearly define and communicate their status.

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