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An exhibition on the occasion of Henrik Reiss Mosler's 80th birthday at the Open Air Museum in Gersdorf

An exhibition on the occasion of Henrik Reiss Mosler’s 80th birthday at the Open Air Museum in Gersdorf

Because his friends, he has many, find it difficult to remember his name, they call him “feathers”. His name is Henrik Reiss Mosler. He came to Burgenland in 1973 as a trained painter and stayed there. Like Beethoven, he changed his whereabouts often, but remained loyal to Southern Burgenland.
On his eightieth birthday, Gerhard Keser prepared an exhibition for him in the open-air museum, where in the meantime oil paintings are on display for a long creative period. “The focus is on the people of our time, what they do well and what breaks,” says Mosler himself.
The praise and comrade Peter Wagner was more specific: “We face irony and irony in the chambers of Hell,” which he perceives in the world.
It is difficult to classify a Musler board in one style. Technical terms such as “fantasy realism” have a Viennese connotation, but “romantic realism” can be applied to Mossler’s Phantasmagoria, because the mode of expression is close to realism and consistently representational.
Untitled pictures. The viewer can easily do it himself. “Uhudler Orgy” is one of the first images created around Heiligenbrunn: Rübezahl pours wine into the crowd from a giant barrel in the style of Peter Brueghel, in the foreground a strawberry red man vomiting, people wading in wine, etc.

In the last photos, the artist radiates himself in or out of the meadow of flowers. What do you think?

The exhibition was opened by Verena Dunst, Speaker of the State Parliament.
Visitors to the Vernissage were Hilda, Heinz Koehler, Christian Kiglowitz, Hubert Hansel, Michael Gerbavsitz, Elisabeth Bauer Gerbavsitz, Anton Beretsky, Karl Balduf, Gabi Fuschtel and his fellow painters Wolfgang Kracher, Peter Rohseau, Arturo and many others

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