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Heating the battery to make homes gas-free » Leaders

Heating the battery to make homes gas-free » Leaders

Researchers from the Netherlands may have made a breakthrough.

A consortium from the Technical University of Eindhoven (TNO) is working on a solution that the whole of Europe is looking for: how to get rid of dependence on Russian gas? Specifically, the project revolves around the production of a thermal battery for homes that can store waste heat from nearby areas.

startup Celsius He’s making good progress with his idea. So good that from 2023 prototypes will be tested in Dutch homes, according to reports future area.

How does this new thermal battery work?

Chemical process is included Water and salt hydrate Used to release and store heat. Thermal energy is stored in the salt hydrate until water is added. It also works in the opposite direction: if you add heat, the salt crystals release water vapor and contract.

Research on this project has been going on for twelve years.

In general, researchers are already working on more than twelve years In an idea that is increasingly evolving into a product. Now, for the first time, there is a finished box in which the heat exchanger, fan, boiler and condenser are installed. According to the researchers, this should be enough to heat a home of four people for a few days.

Away 2023 The prototype will be tested directly in Dutch homes. (Approximately)

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