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'An innovative approach' to the new Ferrari F1-75

‘An innovative approach’ to the new Ferrari F1-75

5:29 pm


Speaking of Mercedes: Tomorrow, as announced, we will once again be able to present our live broadcast with German commentary! The official launch begins at 10:00 a.m., with Kevin Schoren and Christian Nimmervall notified a few minutes early. YouTube channel.

Later in the day, W13 is also being held at Silverstone. There will be no live video, but of course there will be some photos. Other than that, as always, the hottest sounds, photos and partners for the launch are here in our tape all day long!

5:15 pm

Formula 1 cars 2022

After the Ferrari launch, we’ve already seen eight of the ten Formula 1 cars in 2022. Seven teams have officially presented their cars, and we picked up the new Alfa Romeo on the move away. So only two are lost: Mercedes will deliver tomorrow, the Alps on Monday.

Photo gallery: 2022 Formula 1 cars in pictures

4:47 pm

In memory of …

This is how things looked at McLaren at the time!

4:45 pm

Radical side boxes

It’s not just the F1-75’s nose; The Scuderia has also gone in a very special way with sidepods. A bit reminiscent of the side hulls on the McLaren MP4-26 from 2011. After all, the team snatched from Woking six wins and finished P2 in the World Drivers and Builders Championships – albeit behind Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull.

    ~Ferrari F1-75~

4:25 pm

Ferrari supports FIA’s plans

We stay with Ferrari, but at the same time we go back to the restructuring in Formula 1. Team boss Binotto explains: “Frankly, I think things can only get better. If there is a lesson learned, I think the changes were necessary and identified. We will support that.”

“The FIA’s complete independence in its decisions” is important, assures Binotto and reveals that Ferrari has “full confidence”. Meanwhile, Leclerc says he has “a lot of respect” for Michael Massey, and teammate Sainz is also hoping to entrust the former race director with a new official role in the future.

4:15 pm

Ferrari Radical People

One of the areas in the Ferrari F1-75 that our tech experts have taken a closer look at is the nose. Because the Scuderia developed a modular nose concept that was not previously in F1. Instead of a single nose section, Ferrari divided the design into two separate components.

Exciting ideas here!

    ~Ferrari F1-75~

4:08 pm

Apropos test…

Aston Martin has already announced the driver who will be driving during the three days in Barcelona. It’s Sebastian Vettel’s turn on Wednesday and Friday in the morning and Thursday at noon. Lance Stroll takes care of the other half of the day.

Because every year we get the question: This time too, the teams will test with only one car that the drivers have to share. We also answer these and other questions in our Big Quiz Overview!

3:59 pm

premiere tomorrow

New information from Ferrari: Tomorrow there will be a so-called test event at Fiorano to check out the new F1-75 systems. Important: The demo event is something different from what is called movie day.

“The rules only allow 15 kilometres,” explains team principal Mattia Binotto. Remember: a maximum of 100 km is allowed on movie day. Ferrari will hold a classic movie day in Barcelona on February 22 – a day before the start of official tests at the same location.

3:49 pm

group picture

Here’s another stylish group photo of the Ferrari drivers, where you can also enjoy their new racing suits. In addition to the regular drivers, we also see test and reserve drivers Mick Schumacher, Antonio Giovinazzi and Robert Schwarzman.


3:35 pm


We were asked if Ferrari could find a sponsor for its currently bare rear wing at a later date. This is of course possible in 2018, for example, the rear spoiler was also “empty” at the beginning of the year, and later the Mission Winnow logo appeared.

It is possible, but we are not aware of any negotiations at this time.

    ~Ferrari F1-75~

3:19 pm

Innovative but also fast?

Just because something looks particularly striking doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fast. A good example of this was given by Ferrari itself in the past. In 2014, for example, the decision was made to have a very special nose. However, the F14 T didn’t win a race at the time, and only managed a meager two places on the podium.

It remains to wish for the Scuderia that things will improve after eight years…

Kimi Raikkonen Fernando Alonso Ferrari Ferrari F1 ~ Kimi Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo) and Fernando Alonso (Alpine) ~

3:11 pm

Sainz wants to ‘take the next step’

“I am more than ready for this season,” the Spaniard declared, explaining: “In 2021 I learned from the inside how the team works and was able to get used to the new environment. Above all, it was also about learning all about the Ferrari brand and how things work. Here. It was a great experience for me. Now is the time to take the team to the next step.”

His teammate Leclerc explains: “This season will be a very important one for the team, but also for us drivers. And it’s a good opportunity. Expectations are very high for everyone. We want to make sure that we get work from everyone involved in this turning the season into results.” It’s no secret that Ferrari wants to be on top again in 2022.

You can find our full launch report here!

3:06 PM

new pictures

In the meantime, we’ve also filled in our photo series again. Now also with detailed footage from F1-75!

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