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Scheyer leads to common slope, while Shiffrin reaches gold

Scheyer leads to common slope, while Shiffrin reaches gold

Christine Scheyer of Vorarlberg starts at 7 am a hundredth before Ester Ledecka of the Czech Republic. The top candidate is Michaela Shiffrin. Ramona Seppenhofer is in third place.

Kristen Scheer set the fastest downhill time in the women’s alpine ski group at the Yanqing Olympics. The woman from Vorarlberg will start the slalom at 7:00 am CET, a hundred ahead of Czech Ester Ledecka and 14 hundred over compatriot Ramona Seppenhofer, who finished third on the downhill. The favorite for gold, Michaela Schiffrin (USA) leads the ranks of technos with a placement of fifth downhill only after Shire by 0.56.

In the last singles women’s alpine ski competition, only 26 female skiers started. Shiffrin, unexpectedly empty at the Beijing Olympics, had set the best time in the last downhill practice session on Wednesday and could have high hopes of ending the previous Olympic disaster with gold. Because in a competition without Vice World Champion Petra Flova (SVK), the main contenders are Federica Brignoni (8th), Wendy Holdner (11th) and defending champion Michele Gisin (12th). In addition, it is her American coach who sets the slalom.

Scheyer showed a strong comedown in her Olympic debut. “I totally attacked, it was really fun. It’s been a wild ride from the last few days, I fought and stayed put and kept the pace with me.” After I lost my Special Lineage qualification, I was pissed off by the ramp. It didn’t happen to her opening slalom for a long time. “For speed drivers, the goal has to be to get away from the front, otherwise I’m already spoiling it on the slope. I don’t have any expectations because I don’t know where I stand in the slalom.”

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Siebenhofer: ‘Some little things aren’t quite perfect’

The situation is different for Siebenhofer, who is also a speed specialist and tends to be a multi-level player, but he definitely has outside chances to win a medal. Said Styria, who was fourth at the 2019 World Championships, fifth at the 2021 World Championships and seventh at the 2018 Olympics.

Opening up a slalom with one would have been nice, but that’s what works for him. “I have some leads and I know where to go.” Her slalom training was attractive. “I’ve always shown that I can do it.” The track is very demanding because the target slope is relatively steep, but I think I can keep up. And a lot can happen, I’ve seen in a special slalom race that the candidates have to go down first.”

Katharina Huber, as a specialist, Austria’s strongest slalom skater from the combined Olympic triathlon, is clearly 19th behind, 3.26sec, but probably doesn’t have a chance. “I can only do the slalom. Basically, I’m happy to get off. I improved by six seconds in three days, which keeps me positive. It was a second better than I had planned.”

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