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Ancient wreck: Archaeologists recover tombstones from a medieval ship

Ancient wreck: Archaeologists recover tombstones from a medieval ship

Watch the video: Discovery of a 750-year-old ship – Underwater archaeologists have found medieval tombstones on England’s oldest wreck.

It is a private excavation site for underwater archaeologists from the University of Bournemouth: a thirteenth-century ship located in Bulle Bay off the coast of Dorset in southern England. It is the oldest so far well-preserved wreck discovered off the English coast, according to the university. In the summer of 2020, Trevor Smalls was discovered by the captain of a charter boat company. Since then, researchers have examined the wreck, whose outlines can still be clearly seen on the sea floor. Scientists called it mortar wreck because they found there large limestones that were used as a millstone at that time. The researchers suspect that the ship may have been sailing off the coast of Dorset when it was endangered and sank. “Very few 750-year-old ships can still be seen today, so we are very fortunate to have been able to spot such a rare example – and we are still in great shape,” underwater archaeologist Tom Cousins ​​said in a university press release: Next to the millstones, scientists found tombstones with medieval motifs.Archaeologists also brought a cauldron to the roof that was used for cooking over an open fire.In 2024, the treasures will be displayed in the Paul Museum.

source: Bournemouth University

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