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And now Mörtel is canceling its tent table

And now Mörtel is canceling its tent table

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Richard Laughner wanted to film his TV show at Oktoberfest. But in the traditional hacker tent, he received rejection.

MUNICH – An exceptional mood has prevailed in the Bavarian capital for a few days, as many celebrities are known to celebrate at the annual Oktoberfest. Austrian construction engineer Richard Lugner (90) also traveled to Munich for the occasion to once again enjoy Oktoberfest with his female entourage. However, at the Hacker Festival tent, “Mörtel” suddenly encountered an unexpected obstacle, which eventually led him to cancel his table at the traditional establishment.

Richard Loughner was not allowed to film his TV show at Oktoberfest as he had hoped

Richard Loughner, accompanied by his ex-girlfriend “Täubchen” (44 years old) and his ex-wife Christina (58 years old), known as “Mausi”, went to the Hacker marquee, where he reserved a table like every year. In an interview with the Austrian newspaper “Heute”, the businessman revealed the reason for its rapid cancellation.

“I’m here to film my ATV show with Täubchen, Mausi and two Bavarian ladies. But I wasn’t allowed to do it because the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation had exclusive permission,” Lugner explained of the refusal.

This year Richard Loughner won’t be celebrating in the Hacker marquee as usual

The fact that he did not get permission to film in the traditional Hacker tent was a bitter disappointment for Richard Laughner. “I immediately canceled my table, even though I actually get asked to conduct the Radetzky March at the Hacker Tent every year,” he continues.

Richard Loughner W
For Richard Loughner, the Oktoberfest trip began with disappointment: because he did not get permission to film, the masonry lion and his companion had to reschedule the date © Daniel Scheringer/Imago

The vivacious reality star doesn’t want to spoil the good mood. “I go to Oktoberfest every year, and the weather is excellent again this year,” he says optimistically. Incidentally, Loughner spent his Oktoberfest trip in a Kafer tent. There are also other celebrities in Theresienwiese: Kathy Hummels (35) recently revealed that her son (5) has very high expectations for Oktoberfest – so she has to take a lot of money with her. Sources used: today in

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