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Andreas Gabalier surprises with unusual sounds

Andreas Gabalier surprises with unusual sounds

Almost no successful program on German-language television can do without it: Andreas Gabalier brings the ratings and thus – not surprisingly – the “Star Night from the Wachau” (8:15 p.m., ORF 2, MDR and SWR) on stage Saturday . But what is even more surprising is what he will perform: the 38-year-old Styrian sings Viennese songs!

Officially, the three songs will be released under the “Vienna Songs Forever” category only on the day of the TV broadcast, but you can already listen to them on YouTube. With “Heut d’Engerln Come on Holiday to Wean”, Gabalier follows in the footsteps of Peter Alexander, who made the Viennese song popular many decades ago.

Superstar Gabalier can easily afford concert trips to other genres – his concerts are usually sold out. Already at “Starnacht am Wörthersee” in July, he made people sit up and take notice with a tribute to the great era of Wörthersee films: the folk rock and roll band graciously sang “It’s Nice to Be on the Lake” recorded by Roy Black in 1971.”

Barbara Schöneberger and “Bergdoktor” Hans Sigl will once again direct “Star Night from the Wachau”. On stage will be, among others, Anastacia, Dee Prinzen, Francine Jordi, Sasha, Cimino Rossi, Chris Steiger, Josh. And Natalie Holzer from Styria, who performs her new song “Better Without You” with DSDS star Norman Langen.

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