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And this is how you activate it again

And this is how you activate it again

At the beginning of February it is dead– The group-owned platform Instagram changes on display Political content Announce. Like that in says a blog post published at the timehas become standard ever since There is no content Recommended in the policy topic. As examples of restricted content, Instagram cites content about “Laws, elections or socially relevant issues“.

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The restriction only affects areas where content recommendations are displayed, for example Exploration and reels. If you still want to see political content there, you have to activate it manually.

This is how you reactivate recommendations

We show you how to find the setting in Instagram for more Relevant political or social topics Suggest to get:

  1. Instagram application Opens
  2. Down right there Private personal photo Click
  3. top right”Settings and activities” communicate
  4. In the subpointwhat do you see” the point “Content suggestionsSelect – selects
  5. Political content” He chooses
  6. Don't restrict political content from people you don't followSelect – selects

Here we show step by step where to find the option:

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Check the status of

If you run a professional Instagram account, you can… Account status Check whether you fall under the new regulation or not The recommendations have become questionable. According to Instagram, this depends on whether you've posted political content recently.

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Published posts can be found there release or RemoveOne to examine Apply if you disagree with Instagram's decision.

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