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Special vegetables from the balcony |

Special vegetables from the balcony |

Austria is a country of gardeners. A current study shows: In times of inflation and rising prices, the issue of self-sufficiency becomes even more important.

Inflation, rising costs, the climate crisis: all this overshadows different areas of life in Austria. A recent study by the IMAS Research Institute commissioned by Gardena shows that more and more people are starting to grow vegetables, fruits and herbs.


The results of the study clearly show that more and more Austrians are growing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs. In this context, three-quarters of those surveyed stated that they grow at least chives, parsley and other kitchen herbs. In the fruit and vegetable sector, tomatoes lead the list in popularity at 72 percent, followed by various types of berries. Salads, peppers and cucumbers are also sown especially frequently.

Various arguments are given as reasons for self-sufficiency. The vast majority of respondents believe that homegrown fruits, vegetables and herbs simply taste better in comparison. About 69 percent of those surveyed cited knowing how to treat plants as well as avoiding fertilizers and pesticides by growing them yourself as their reasons for their commitment to gardening. More than half of the study participants – 63 percent – also attach importance to the fact that locally grown food is seasonal in nature.

Planting in your own garden as a contribution to climate protection

Almost half of those surveyed (49 percent) are convinced that their behavior in the garden can make a small contribution to climate protection. The issue of resource consumption also plays an important role. More than two-thirds (68 percent) are convinced that moderate use of water in the garden can make a significant contribution to environmental protection. Despite the growing popularity of self-sufficiency – also driven by rising retail prices – few Austrians can afford to cover their own needs with food they grow themselves. In summer, the share of private fruits and vegetables, measured in terms of total consumption, is 33 percent on average.

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It’s time for friends and family in the country

In addition to the topic of self-sufficient gardens, study participants were also asked about other reasons for using their gardens, balconies and terraces. In times of crisis, the answer of 78 percent of those surveyed was that a garden and a terrace are more important than places to relax. Therefore, a significant number of people (56 percent) would also like to have more time to spend in the country. Spending a lot of time with friends and family in the countryside is very important to Austrians in general.