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Angel Yeast ramps up new energy sources to reduce carbon emissions

Yichang, China, April 20 /PRNewswire/ Angel Yeast ( (SH600298), a global manufacturer of yeast and yeast extract, is pleased to announce that at a signing ceremony in Hubei Province, China, the company received the China Hubei Energy Exchange Center and the China Hubei Carbon Emissions Exchange received the Green Electricity Certificate Issued and approved. Angel Yeast is among the first 71 companies to achieve certification in the province. It is part of China’s national program to drive green transformation and accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

At the event, the company also signed an agreement to purchase 9,012 megawatt-hours of solar and wind power, which is 20 percent of Angel Yeast’s Yichang plant’s electricity consumption and offsets 6,447 tons of carbon dioxide.

“We are honored to be one of the first companies to obtain the green electricity certification. This is not only a testament to our long-standing commitment to adopting environmentally friendly practices, it is also an important step towards our goal of net zero emissions. As Angel continues to advance its green pledge by providing more electricity from renewable resources and increasing investment in solar and biomass projects, this will go a long way toward enabling us to create a blueprint for microbial protein production from renewable sources. ” said Xiao Minghua, the general manager of Yeast Angel.

“Our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint across Angel Yeast’s operations and reducing the company’s environmental impact has also prompted us to explore other options to reduce carbon emissions, including offering a number of clean energy solutions to modernize factories and adapt our energy architecture. In addition to scaling up renewables through contracts Green energy, Angel Yeast in recent years has reduced its reliance on fossil fuel sources to a cleaner, more sustainable one by purchasing more biomass-derived steam, installing solar panels on rooftops, and recycling methane from wastewater. It has changed the method of production.”

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Scheme for the production of microbial proteins using renewable energy

Angel has been a pioneer in combining clean energy with microbial protein production. The company is convinced that microbial proteins from renewable raw materials, which represent a less space-intensive but more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solution to global food security, will replace plant and animal proteins.

About Angel Yeast

Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. was established. Ltd. was established in 1986, which is specialized in manufacturing yeast and yeast derivatives. The product portfolio includes baker’s yeast and its ingredients, Chinese dim sum yeast and spices, delicious extracts, human health, pet food, plant nutrition, spirits and biofuels, fermentation nutrients and enzymes. At present, Angel Yeast has 12 advanced international manufacturing base located in China, Egypt and Russia, providing products and services to more than 160 countries and regions around the world.

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