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Angelina's Drunk Guys: They Want Three Islanders!

Angelina’s Drunk Guys: They Want Three Islanders!

The love island-Boys are so hot Angelina. The Austrian turns the heads of three men, because next to Yannick She now has too mo And Morris great interest in it. In fact, the 21-year-old doesn’t seem to like it very much. Wants Angelina Any of her suitors or is she interested in someone else? The three keep trying to make her eyes pretty.

mo I showed Angelina In today’s “Love Island” episode: “To me, you are the most beautiful woman here and I just want to get to know you.” But not only did the student try his luck with a beautiful brunette – he sat down a little later Morris One more at the top. He assured her: “I have noticed that only you will be considered for my sake.” but also Yannick fight after Long back and forth between Angelina And Francesca Nor about the heart of brunettes. It’s stupid that she doesn’t want him anymore. “I don’t feel anything at all with Yannick,” Alvin explained in an interview with Andrina (28). U think Yannick Play 1 game to stay on love island.

Angelina She asked each of her three suitors to have one-on-one conversations to explain how things should go for them. She emphasized in the one-on-one interview: “I just listen to my heart.” In fact, she did not want to get acquainted with any of the three islanders, but instead distributed three baskets at the end of the evening: first Morris, then on mo Finally to Yannick.

love island Hot Flirts and True Love”, every Monday to Friday and Sunday at 10:15 PM on RTLZWEI.

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Angelina “Love Island”

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Angelina “Love Island”
“Love Island” – Angelina and Maurice