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Katherine Heigl denies a bad rumor

Katherine Heigl denies a bad rumor

After paternity leave for her infant, Heigl finally decided to quit her job on the series. At first she only had to take a family vacation, but when she became a mother, her plans changed. Now, after all these years, she explained: “So before I go back, I spent one more time with Shonda [Rhimes, “Grey’s Anatomy”-Schöpferin] I talked about the fact that I wanted to go,” Hegel recalls. Then I waited at home until I was given the official approval that I was no longer on the show. The rumors that he refused to return are completely false.”

She wanted to do both – pose for the camera in “Grey’s Anatomy” and devote herself to her daughter, she admits. Part-time work is not possible. “There was no good way to narrow the work schedule, which wouldn’t have a negative impact on the cast or crew,” said Heigl, now a mother of three. “It was not fair to them or of show to ask them to meet my needs.”

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