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Angry at Marlisa: The "Island of Temptation" boys support Fabio

Angry at Marlisa: The “Island of Temptation” boys support Fabio

Fabio de Pasquale Made on the seventh Island of SeductionFollow up on his anger at his partner Marlisa Plenty of Air – and his buddies on the show can understand that very well! On the latest release of TVNow, the foreign flirting show, the Italian told his classmates and twelve single women that his girlfriend Blasphemy it Will be. He himself would never say a bad word about the Queen of his Hearts, which is why his reaction was extremely painful. I Promiflash– Interview reveals Yasin MohamedAnd the Marcus Moth And the Mike Brown Now how sorry they are for their friend at that moment!

“I took him seriously and hurt him after the camp fire. It made me sad,” he said. age In conversation with Promiflash. He was able to get to know the fitness trainer quite well for several days while filming, thus he could apparently rate him pretty well. Also Mike Imontes partner Marcus Explain that Fabio With everything such a blasphemous attack was not expected: “He expected a lot of things, but not shown by his girlfriend that way. For me, loyalty to my girlfriend is the most important thing. I would feel as disappointed and hurt as I was.” Fabio. “ Marcus Sure enough, this would result in a chunk in Fabio Shattered.

How terrible Fabio It really removed the whole situation Mike I am Promiflash– The interview clearly: “I spoke to him that evening. I tried to push him, but unfortunately the tears just fell. It was really broken and it shouldn’t have been.“What about that SixxPaxx– The coach and his partner go on, Sunday night viewers learn 1:10 AM on RTL or already on TVNow.

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All information on “The Island of Experience – Temptation in Heaven” at TVNow.

Marcos, “Island of Seduction” – Canada 2021
Marlisa on “Temptation Island”
Mike Brown, “Experience Island” – Canada 2021