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Culture, summer, cloudy

Culture, summer, cloudy

Over 70 literary and music events can be experienced from July 9 to September 5 at Kultur.Sommer.Semmering 2021.

Stars such as Cinta Berger, Heinz Maresk, Nicholas Ovcharik, Erwin Steinhower and Angelica Kirchlager perform at Südbahnhotel Semmering under the direction of pianist and conductor Florian Krumbock.

“After the almost frightening silence that has been culturally shaped over the past few months, it is a moment of liberation from happiness of unimaginable proportions to be able to present such a dense and prominent artistic summer resort in the legendary Südbahnhotel Semmering. Together with all the artists too, I am excited. Too much to be able to breathe in the air that Arthur Schnitzler, Stefan Zweig and others have recovered from everyday urban life each year in the footsteps of the great figures of the turn of the century in the Semmering-Rax region. As the previous year, the concept of protection and cleanliness was announced for the safe cultural enjoyment. .

Highlights of the program at Semmering

At the start of the festival, Roland Neuwirth and Florian Krumpöck combine two worlds with their “Vienna Winter Journey”. A veteran of the Viennese song, Nauerth translated the course of the famous song into the Viennese dialect and carried it into the modern era. At the end of the festival, Günther Groissböck will be a guest at the Südbahnhotel for the first time and will present his original interpretation to Franz Schubert.

Journeys into the depths of Jewish poetry of Viennese modernity and other remarkable epochs of world literature are presented. Also this year, a separate program focus was devoted to the literary work of Stephen Zweig. Elizabeth Orth, Michael Dangel, Martinna Epp, Cornelius Opunia, Gerti Dresel, Friedrich von Thun, Joseph Lorenz, Karl Markovich and Fritz Karl, take the audience on a trip to the past, when Zweig himself was spending the summer at the Sudbahnhotel.

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Music program 2021

The program also includes many concerts, from piano concerts and song evenings to jazzy and vine sounds. Well-known musicians such as Elisabeth Leonskaja, Ernst Molden, Maria Bill, or Thomas Gansch are guests as well as rising Bösendorfer artists.

Three evenings with theater partners Joseph Lorenz, Miguel Hers-Kastranik and Cornelius Opunia conclude “The Pilgrimage to Beethoven,” which began in 2017 and in which Crombock performed all 32 piano sonnets. On the basis of letters and texts from, to and around the composer, the lives of Beethoven and his ideas. The list invites you to take a trip along the southern railway line from Vienna to the Adriatic Sea according to the chosen ideas.