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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – It seems like a new resident is moving into

He has a presentation Nintendo Made an upcoming update in which a mysterious house can be seen. So fans speculated on the new islanders. at the same time Nintendo He denied the rumor with the new islander.

Mysterious house

Nintendo Announce a new update that brings new elements and content with it. Past events should also come back. Through the screenshots on the official website, fans immediately caught the eye of a new type of home. So it wasn’t out of reach that fans were hoping for new residents because of this.

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An atypical design

The house shown simply does not match the previous 497 home designs. Therefore, there is sufficient reason for this to conclude that at least one new inhabitant is coming. After all, other residents have been added since the release.

Nintendo Statement

It is interesting that she has Nintendo This time, even respond to the rumors and solve the situation as follows: Loud Nintendo It was just a mistake. This house does not exist and will not be present in the game. Meanwhile, the screenshot has also been shared. Pity!

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