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The deleted feature will likely return with Part 6

The deleted feature will likely return with Part 6

From Sarah Petzold
Battlefield 5 developers had to cancel a feature before the shooter was fired, which was aircraft crashing. This is precisely the special feature of air combat that must finally be implemented with the sixth installment of the series.

Battlefield 6 is sure to come. Many details about the new multiplayer shooter from developer DICE are not yet available. Instead, there is a lot of speculation and rumors circulating on the Internet. Someone now says the developers want to add a feature to Battlefield 6 that was already intended for the predecessor.

Leaker confirms a Battlefield 6 crash landing

Leaker Tom Henderson, who is well known in the gaming scene, confirmed on Twitter that players can look forward to a plane crash in Battlefield 6. In his tweet, he responded with a green tick when a reddit user asked if this was originally for Battlefield 5 The promised feature will find its way into the latest sub-series.

Henderson later revealed that the aircraft landing feature would appear in the first Battlefield 6 trailer. “Yes, Osprey is downing on a few soldiers,” the leaker wrote.

Henderson claimed some time ago that the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey, a tilt-and-turn aircraft with vertical take-off and landing capabilities, would appear in Battlefield 6. Since this vehicle is a modern aircraft that has been in service with the US Marines and the US Air Force since 2005, It can be assumed that Battlefield 6 comes with a modern scenario. The US Army uses the Ospreys mainly for special operations, including in Afghanistan – another indication of the potential preparation for Battlefield 6.

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Of course, neither EA nor DICE has officially commented yet on the leak. So we’ll likely have to wait for the first Battlefield 6 trailer to be released to see if Broken Landers really enter the game as a feature.

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