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Animal Crossing: New Horizons update makes your items disappear

Some fans note that the current update is 2.0. subordinate very successful Animal Crossing: New Horizons They can make things disappear from their islands. However, this only happens if these objects are malfunctioning in unintended locations. Fortunately, the lost items can be found again.

Countless loss reports

through the new Update Many players have a reason to return to their islands to discover new features Animal Crossing: New Horizons ready for you. Impressively, these items increase the fun of the game through countless hours of gameplay thanks to many new items and content. Unfortunately, this new fun spoils for many players when they discover that some of their items, which they had lovingly placed on their island, have suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Level 4 defect

For some players, the generous odds range from Animal Crossing: New Horizons to design their island. Since a bug was discovered to reach the fourth level, it has been used by players all over the world to beautify their islands.

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Bug since update

Unfortunately, using the bug has caused problems since the new update. Tried since I discovered the bug nintendo to fix it, but creative players can find ways to continue using it. Since the new update 2.0, it seems that the fourth level no longer exists, so that all the objects that were placed on it will disappear.

Calm down fear!

The shock must be big, of course, but nintendo Think of everything and can reassure the bug community: All objects that have disappeared at the fourth level can be found immediately in the junk mailbox of the server. This should be visited again and again and unchecked the cool box, as there are always new items in it.

This crime is now gone again for everyone animal crossing Good residents. But in general, care should be taken when using glitches. The availability of items missing after another update cannot be guaranteed after using the glitches.

However, if you like the empty island better and freedom invites you, you can do it again Start from scratch with his island.

animal crossing By the way, it was originally a file A completely different game It must be.

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