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Google Maps leaves WhatsApp behind: Navi celebrates a new milestone

Google Maps leaves WhatsApp behind: Navi celebrates a new milestone

Google Maps

Google Maps and WhatsApp can be found on almost every mobile phone. But now the navigation app is leaving the messenger behind when it comes to an important main character.

Google Maps is reaching a new stage in the Google Play Store. (Source: netzwelt)

  • Google Maps and WhatsApp have so far counted over 5 billion downloads on Google Play.
  • Now the navigation app has risen to the category of “More than 10 billion downloads.
  • So far, only two apps have implemented this before.

Navigation app Google Maps You have reached a new milestone! It has been downloaded more than 10 billion times from the Google Play Store since its launch. Not even that many downloads can do it The WhatsApp to watch. Messenger currently has about 5 billion “only” downloads.

as Android Police You mentioned, that so far there are only two apps also listed with 10 billion downloads on Google Play. These are the same Play Services and YouTube.

Does this Google app also surpass WhatsApp?

It remains to be seen which app will break the 10 billion mark next. Among the Google apps, Google Search is a great candidate. Similar to Google Maps, it crossed the 5 billion mark in 2019 and could soon reach the next level.

In addition to WhatsApp, can Facebook social networking site Being the first non-Google app to break that feat. Like WhatsApp, Facebook currently has 5 billion downloads.

Please note: the number of downloads of course does not equal the number of users. Because the Play Store also counts new downloads, for example after switching to a new mobile phone. You are using it yourself Google Maps? Then you have to try these “secret functions” once.

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