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Anna Kiesenhofer is back in Austria and would like to sleep there

Anna Kiesenhofer is back in Austria and would like to sleep there

Anna Kissenhofer is back in Austria after her golden coup at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The Lower Austrian ship landed at 9:15 pm on Tuesday at Vienna Schwechat Airport, and the family offered their first congratulations. After that, Kiesenhofer went to her native Niederkreuzstetten, where a small reception was planned. Her biggest wish: “I’m looking forward to sleeping and feeling fit again.”

Kiesenhofer has yet to fully enjoy her golden ride in the Olympic cycling race on Sunday. “I haven’t watched the race yet, just excerpts from the interviews,” she said. How do you feel about it? “Wonderful. Tears always came to me.” At least she “used to banging around her person” the past few days. A group of filming teams were waiting at the airport, and some spectators applauded. The ÖOC did not put Kissenhofer’s return on the big bell.

In the coming days, relaxation should be on top of the program at home. Riding a bike scheme. “I have to see if I can drive comfortably without stopping,” said the 30-year-old. Your work at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne can wait. The mathematician explained that the university knows it’s taking a break. She’s been living in Switzerland for about Three years.

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