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Bundesliga and ÖFB satisfied with premiere of VAR technology

Bundesliga and ÖFB satisfied with premiere of VAR technology

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Vienna – Tuesday, July 27, 2021 at 8:17 pm

After the first round of the German Bundesliga using VAR technology, the League and the Austrian Football Association reached a satisfactory result. The three interventions comply with IFAB’s VAR protocol specifications as well as FIFA’s Intervention Limit, according to a joint statement on Tuesday. A total of 35 scenes were controlled by VAR, and two were checked by the referee in the screen at the edge of the playing field.

In the six games, there were two VAR confirmations, which were increasingly discussed in public. It’s a WAC penalty kick in Klagenfurt or a yellow foul by Hartberger David Stec against Rapid. This game and other game scenes are running Explained in more detail. As stated in the communication, the general rule is that the VAR can only intervene in the event of a clearly and clearly wrong decision.

Moreover, there were also situations where two or more game scenes had to be examined one by one to arrive at a decision. This takes time, especially on the first missions. There is potential for improvement when it comes to length of checks, but being right still takes precedence over speed.

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