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AnnenMayKantereit are back in Austria!

The band will be coming from Cologne to Wiener Stadthalle for a big FM4 independent box on April 15, 2023 – and you can win tickets here!

“We are AnnenMayKantereit! Christopher, Severin, Henning…and…..we’re doing big parties again!!! With this happy message, the band returned from Cologne this year and means they are equally happy. Because AnnenMayKantereit define themselves as a live band: “Yes, sure,” they told us at FM4 Frequency Festival in August, their big return to the Austrian Summer Festival.

“We’ve been playing together for ten years now. At first we were busy and that was the beginning of it all. It was live. And so we’ve been on tour for what feels like ten years.” This makes sense: “We’re feeling a little too warm because you’re so hot!” Vocalist Henning Mai says to the audience FM4Frequency 2022. AnnenMayKantereit isn’t just their favorite live band – they’re even better seen as such. Because then it all comes together from the raspy sound, the guitar chords, and the dancing crowd. In April next year also in Austria.

Before that, there was already a “little declaration of love for small holidays”, the new song “3 days by the sea”. Work is underway on an album: “I don’t want to reveal too much either,” Henning May tells us. “That’s a good thing, if it wasn’t for certain, you wouldn’t have to reveal much.”

What is certain are the concert dates for next year: On April 15, 2023, AnnenMayKantereit will play on the FM4 indie box at Wiener Stadthalle. “It has taken so long, dates are finally set and we can indulge in anticipation.”

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Win tickets for AnnenMayKantereit

We will be awarding FM4 Indiekiste tickets with AnnenMayKantereit at Wiener Stadthalle. Just tell us: What makes you a big fan of AnnenMayKantereit?

Please email your answer to [email protected]. Don’t forget your name! The closing date for entries is October 21, 2022.

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